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This page is to help you decide what effect is best for you and your audiences.

I have broken down this legend in 3 core categories:




We use these words in Magic to represent where an effect BEST fits to get the MOST IMPACTFUL MOMENTS OF ASTONISHMENTS.

So when you see these words on a product page on this site, you will understand why it is in the category I assigned to it.

Opener- I really think OPENER is the perfect word for this category because it's not just that this effect is a perfect opening effect to start off your magic with BUT it defines perfectly what YOU the magician are attempting to do. You are OPENING up to an audience you most likely do not know. It is one thing to try and open up to a stranger, alone, one on one but to OPEN up to an entire GROUP of strangers is BONKERS when you really think about it. 

So this category allows YOU to share with an entire GROUP of strangers  a QUICK, FAST PACED and VISUAL effectYou really get to ESTABLISH yourself as someone who knows what the fuck they are doing.

Central- Central, is by definition, "FORMING OF THE CENTER" And that is exactly what you want when picking an effect for this category. You are CRYSTALLIZING your magic to your audience. This is the time to allow the audience to be part of the show with audience participation and setting up the audience for a closer effect. 

These effects are LONGER, SLOWER PACED and CONNECT on an emotional and psychological level. This is your time to really SOLIDIFY yourself in front of your audience.

Closer- Closer is  exactly what it sounds like. You are using these effects to CLOSE your show or set. These effects are the ones where you tie everything together.  A lot of times my magic is set up so I have CENTRAL effects that starts in the center but reveals itself fully as a CLOSER. This is the place where the magic you have already shared is now fully developed and accepted. So a CLOSER should be  an Engaging, Emotional and Audience connecting effect. Meaning, This is where you bring it all together in no more than 1-2 effects. And these effects should CONNECT to something from the OPENER and CENTRAL effects. Anymore than that and they will have a very hard time understanding when the show or set will end. I have seen a disastrous number of magicians fall prey to not knowing how to close and it is not pretty. Now keep in mind that sometimes an effect could fall into anyone of those 3...but it is RARE!

There ya go, I hope this small guide helps you maneuver more precisely into where to put not just the effects that I have created , that you all use, but every magic effect you see from now on. 

Now when you see an effect, you can with DEAD ON ACCURACY, know exactly where it should go in your set.