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How do you think a magic product comes to be?

  A creator thinks of something and starts to put it together. 

NOW this process alone could take YEARS and YEARS to where it is polished with purpose and results.

 This has been tested in front of 1,000s of people until it gets the REQUIRED RESULTS IT WAS BORN TO ELICIT!

 Porotypes are made with the creators own money, until the finished idea is ready to present to a magic company. 



Then that company takes their money and PRODUCES that effect.


Money is set aside for: 

1. Gimmicks (sources and material to make) 

2. A MASS gimmick builder, the average is roughly 3000 gimmicks. 

(who is paid by the company)

 3.Warehouse space to hold the product.

 4. Film and camera and editing and creative teams.

 5. A cool place to film the project (the company flies you and all the team to/back from that location)

 6. Food and entertainment expenses.

 And the creator still has not gotten paid yet, that happens through a few different ways.

A direct buyout

 (most creators choose this as it puts the money they have spent on this for years and years back into their pockets) 

A royalty based program

 (meaning if they don't sell they don't get paid). 

Then once the product is FINALLY finished WE GET PAID. 

We do all that just so you can have a SOLID, POWERFUL effect that is filmed in the highest quality and razor sharp marketing and production. 

 We make sure the price is set at a good -medium level for you and to get the money the company spent on the project.

 How much is it usually?

 My last 3 dvds I did with Ellusionist 

(and I was the VERY LAST ARTIST TO HAVE HIS OWN DVDS WITH E) the full total of everything to get that in your hands was 

over $20,000 BEFORE they made one dime. 

If after reading this you still are ok with REVEALING MARKETED EFFECTS and ANY MAGIC we have nothing to speak on.

 If you knew how much money that has been stolen from me alone...:(


So, I make this solemn vow to you the customer and consumer of my products under the umbrella of DELICATE DECEPTIONS.

If you are not satisfied with a product, You have 3 months to contact me and I will replace it or refund you. 

if you find a KNOCKOFF of mine please contact me to let me know.

[email protected]