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"I am a one man operation. 

I create, research, test, refine ,make the gimmicks (if needed) sell, ship (if needed), every single product I put out.

I have over 18k fans, customers who purchase or support my crazy ideas in one way or another.
I go down the line in the order each order is received.

You are 1 of that 18k.

I treat every single damn order with respect and a speed faster than any other 1 SINGLE man operation.
Please understand you are VERY important but there are 18k of you and I work to make sure every single one of you are satisfied and happy with your experience at Magic With Vision.
You can ALWAYS contact me thru my email 24hr s a day (seriously this is MY FULL TIME JOB) with any concerns, updates on any project or order you might be waiting on 
or just to say hi:

I am so thankful for each one of you...just understand why orders will sometimes take longer than most companies"

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